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About AppleCore - AppleCore of Memphis, Inc. is dedicated to the support of Apple Computers (Macintosh). Celebrating our 38th Year!

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September 18th-7 pm

September Meeting - The topic(s) this time will include:

1. - Printing Basics.  I've had a number of calls when a printer wouldn't print and it was caused by some basic thing anyone could have figured out and fixed.  So I've decided to make a basic printer checklist.  It covers the simple checks any printer owner can do.  No technician required.  We will cover some basic stuff any printer owner can do.  For example:

  1. Load paper in a way that never paper jams the printer
  2. Use cheap copier paper in an inkjet-based printer and still get good quality printouts.
  3. Wake up your printer.
  4. Make the toner work ( laser-based printers ).
  5. Clean a printhead ( inkjet-based printers ).
  6. And more ...

2. - Question and Answer session.  Questions with advanced answers will be saved for last.  This is necessary to keep a basics presentation basic.  This presentation is *NOT* technician training !  It says right on the checklist that you may still need a technician if the problem is not basic.  This does not mean that technicians can't use or won't need this checklist.  It's the same checklist I,ve been using for decades.  I always check for the simple things first.  The simple things have the greatest statistical likelyhood of being the cause of the failure to print.

1. - Giveaways and free stuff:

    A. Free printed copy of the printer checklist for all who show up at the meeting.  The checklist has a short section you can cut out and tape to your printer for a quick check when it doesn't print.  I will have a printer, paper supply, and stapler at the presentation to print copies of the checklist as needed.  I will also have a PDF of the checklist for all who want a digital copy and bring me a flashdrive to put it on.

    B. One Logitech universal remote control for your entertainment system.  This is an expensive programmable universal remote that can turn on and set the inputs for every device in your entertainment system.  By pressing a single button on the remote's touchscreen, you can turn on and setup everything you need to to watch a DVD or blu-ray ( for example ).  Instructions included.  Programming not included.  Slightly used but like new condition.

2. We are asking for all ideas, requests, suggestions, etc. for presentations to give at the main Memphis Applecore Meetings.  These do not have to be for the very next meeting.  We are asking for requests for future meetings too.  Anyone who attends the meetings can contribute.  We only ask that when you request a presentation, that you be at the meeting when said presentation is given.

Green Apples-come before 7pm if you need a little one on one assistance. 06:30 PM ( 1830 ) for those who desire some one on one help with anything related to Apple computers, devices, and Mac OS X.

3rd Quarter 2018 SuperSink DVD's available $10 each. Funds used for club expenses.

MEETING LOCATION: SWTCC's Macon Road Campus, Room: MAB147

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Free Registration - You will need to log on to certain sections of the web bbs. It will use your regular system name and password if you are already a member. If you aren't a member of this FREE BBS (donations needed & appreciated!) system and wish to join, please go to the registration page first to sign up for an account. YOU ARE NOT JOINING APPLECORE, you are simply signing up for FREE access to the BBS.

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 AppleCore Updates

Bill Hawkins ran across and interesting link that tells the history of ClarisWorks (AppleWorks).

SUPER Kitchen Sink DVD - now for OSX

AppleCore OSX Super Sink 2018 9 DVD Set - 9 DVD's of compressed files! This must have for any OSX user! OSX SUPER Kitchen Sink Set 2016 features the latest software updates for your Mac. Each section is categorized and a nice description is included for each program. I carry this one in my toolbox. This is one of the best Mac software collections. Only includes the Apple Updates for 10.2 through 10.12. Even more categories featuring the best shareware and freeware utilities, games, Internet goodies, music, graphics and multimedia, updates, system files, diagnostics, hard to find drivers, and more, all for OSX (everthing but the Kitchen Sink). This one has all the goodies you need when setting up a new system or simply updating your old one. Something for everyone. All programs were checked for current version and updated! REQUIRES: OSX 10.2 through 10.13.x, DVD Player The full set of 9 for $30 or $10 each. These funds go to reimburse the club's cost for production of the DVD's, with a little extra for the coffers to ensure the continued viability of AppleCore. We continually update the DVD buy this one! OS8-9 Kitchen Sink CD also available $5 price.

Apple Germantown/Memphis Store at Saddle Creek 10 am-8 pm Weekdays, 12pm to 5:30 pm on Sunday! Click me for the current in-store presentation schedule. These courses are free to the public. Seating is limited. Please RSVP via email to Saddlecreek@apple.com.
Phone 901- 309-6000

MacDirectory the best Macintosh Magazine

The MacDirectory staff also takes you all the way to outer space with its Macs on Mars feature, takes you inside the wildly popular Second Life, and offers an early look at Apple's new iPhone and Apple TV. And in our exclusive cover story, meet famed linguist and political thinker Noam Chomsky, who sits down with Macdirectory for a wide-ranging interview about language and technology.

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